Empower Updates

  1. Drivers have provided 4,000,000 rides! 

    Drivers have provided 4,000,000 rides!  Last month, Empower saw record-breaking demand on the platform, a testament to the excellent service provided by drivers. And we are thrilled to announce that drivers using Empower have provided over 4,000,000 rides! As we look ahead, we are enthusiastic about the increased earnings opportunities for drivers using Empower.  We […]

  2. Front passenger seats now available for riders!

    Front passenger seats now available: Effective immediately all Everyday/Premium vehicles can accommodate up to 4 riders and all Everyday XL/Premium XL vehicles can accommodate up to 6 riders. Favorite drivers: Riders have the ability to save a driver as a ‘Favorite Driver’ once a ride is completed. You can then request that you only be matched with […]

  3. Riders have booked over 2,000,000 rides through Empower!

    Riders have booked over 2,000,000 rides!  When you use Uber or Lyft, hard-working drivers only receive about 60% of the fare, but with Empower they get 100% of the fare! On behalf of all drivers, thank you for your support! Tipping drivers: Riders have 30 minutes to tip and rate drivers in the app after a ride is […]

  4. Drivers have earned over $30m using Empower!

    Drivers have earned over $30,000,000 using the Empower platform and provided nearly 2,000,000 rides to over 125,000 riders! Thousands of drivers are now able to support themselves and their families in a way that they never could before. Thank you to everyone who has continued to support Empower. TOGETHER WE WILL EMPOWER!

  5. Daily and weekly subscription plans now available!

    Driver Subscription Manager live! Drivers can now choose between a monthly or daily/ weekly subscription plan! To view or change your subscription visit DriveEmpower.com and click the “My Driver Account” tab at the top right of the page. If you have any questions, please check out our FAQ. Chance to win $500: Do you know any drivers who are […]

  6. Empower reaches 1,000 drivers in D.C.

    Empower reaches 1,000 drivers in D.C. Over 1,000 drivers in the D.C. area have used Empower since we launched just a few months ago. With Empower, drivers set their own rates, keep 100% of the fare and are treated like customers, because they are customers! We look forward to continuing to work with the community […]