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Better for Drivers

At Empower, we treat drivers like customers, because they are. Drivers set their own rates and keep 100% of the fare. They have access to their own dedicated local customer support team and are provided with the information and tools they need to take control of their financial future.

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What Makes Empower Different?

100% Of the Fare Kept by Drivers

With Empower you keep 100% of every fare and pay just a flat low monthly fee. Empower knows you’re the one working hard, and you deserve to keep the money you’ve earned.  You also deserve best in class support.  With Empower, you’ll get a dedicated local customer support team that knows that while there are no rides without riders, there are also no rides without drivers!

  • Set Your Own Rates

    Or use suggested rate to optimize your earnings

  • You're in Control

    Know the fare, pickup and destination before you accept a ride!

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Driver Promos

What Drivers Have to Say

  • December 11 "Making so much more money on this app!" -Abul
  • November 19 "Success for Empower means success for all drivers." -Mohammed
  • November 18 "With Empower I make more money. Empower respects me as a costumer." -Fatimatou
  • November 18 Empower allows me the freedom to set my own schedule. I make more money while working fewer hours. I love that drivers keep 100% of the fares." -Teresa
  • October 7 "Thank you Empower for coming up with this idea and taking on the competition. The app works great and keeping 100% of the fare is amazing. Thank you again!" -Charles

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Response to COVID

We take the health and safety of our community seriously.  As such, Empower has been and will continue to provide all drivers with high-quality reusable masks.  If you are a driver and need a mask, please let us know.  We further encourage everyone to follow all CDC and local health official guidelines.  Please note, under our Terms of Service, all drivers and riders must comply with any and all federal, state or local laws and regulations.

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