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Your Ride, Your Way

Riders using Empower pay drivers 20% less on average than riders pay to Uber or Lyft. Riders also can request a driver they feel safe with by limiting ride requests to favorite or same gender drivers.

Get $10+ in free rides when you sign up

What Makes Empower Different?

20% Lower Fares than Uber & Lyft

With Empower, you’ll save 20% on average compared to Uber and Lyft. Enjoy lower fares and greater choice while helping drivers earn a sustainable living.

  • Same Gender Drivers

    Limit ride requests to same gender drivers.

  • Add Favorite Drivers

    Find a driver you like? Favorite them so you can request them for future rides.

Start Riding Today!

Rider Promos

Earn credit with Friend Referrals

  1. Open Empower rider app

  2. Click the menu in the top left corner

  3. Click “Refer a friend” on the left side of the screen

  4. Share your code with other riders not yet using Empower!

Get $5+ in ride credit, for each friend you refer!

What Riders Have to Say

  • December 21 "I love that I can order a ride with one of my favorite drivers! Every ride is now a great experience!" -Andrea
  • December 14 "I enjoy the fact that the drivers keep 100% of the fare. I have been using Empower more often since moving to the DMV area and I will continue to do so." -Leah
  • December 13 "Empower is such a great app, and I love using it knowing that drivers get to keep 100% of the ride fares!" -Nafis
  • December 13 "Empower is great! I love that it saves me money because it is cheaper than Uber and Lyft. All of the drivers have been great as well." -Hannah
  • December 12 "Empower is awesome! I use it as my go-to ride hailing app over Uber and Lyft because of the great prices. The best part is that the drivers are treated fairly and with respect!" -Vito
  • December 12 "I absolutely love Empower and love that I have the option to choose a female driver!" -Elizabeth

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