Driver Spotlights

  1. Driver Spotlight: Moses

    Driver Spotlight: Moses As a user who has subscribed to both Empower’s Flex and Platinum subscription offerings, Moses prefers Empower because the software provides him with the tools he needs to earn a sustainable living. In addition to the multiple subscription offerings, Moses likes getting 100% of the fare because it enables him to save […]

  2. Driver Spotlight: Andre

    Driver Spotlight: Andre Having provided over 3,000 rides, Andre prefers Empower because he gets 100% of the fare. If you’re considering driving for yourself using Empower, Andre’s advice is clear: join the platform and experience the rewards of being part of a community that values both drivers and riders alike.   Advice for those interested […]

  3. Driver Spotlight: Hugo

    Driver Spotlight: Hugo Hugo es un cliente de Carolina del Norte que empezó a utilizar Empower en el 2021. Desde entonces, Hugo ha completado alrededor de 2,000 viajes, y ha sido marcado como favorito por 300 pasajeros. Hugo ha referido un total de 65 conductores y pasajeros a la plataforma de Empower. Hugo ha respondido […]

  4. Driver Spotlight: Olushola

    Driver Spotlight: Olushola Olushola is a DC customer who has earned nearly $90,000 driving for himself using Empower.  Olushola appreciates the high earnings potential and flexibility that Empower provides, allowing drivers to take charge of their financial future. “I have been able to successfully take two courses while driving using Empower, and I don’t think […]

  5. Driver Spotlight: Faton

    Driver Spotlight: Faton Faton’s journey with Empower began when a friend highly recommended the platform to him, sharing their own positive experiences and urging Faton to give it a try. Intrigued by the opportunity to earn more, Faton downloaded the app and has been an Empower customer since.  Every day, Faton sets goals for himself […]

  6. Driver Spotlight: Daniel

    Driver Spotlight: Daniel Daniel first learned about Empower through a rider while driving for Uber/Lyft. Intrigued by the prospect of a platform that values drivers and enables them to get 100% of their fare, Daniel decided to give Empower a try. He has been a customer ever since. Daniel has gained valuable insights on how […]