Driver Spotlights

  1. Driver Spotlight: Daniel

    Driver Spotlight: Daniel Daniel first learned about Empower through a rider while driving for Uber/Lyft. Intrigued by the prospect of a platform that values drivers and enables them to get 100% of their fare, Daniel decided to give Empower a try. He has been a customer ever since. Daniel has gained valuable insights on how […]

  2. Driver Spotlight: Akeem

    Driver Spotlight: Akeem Akeem is an Empower customer in DC who is dedicated to providing a delightful and personalized experience to all of his riders.  Akeem was initially drawn to Empower’s platform because drivers get 100% of their earnings. This financial freedom motivated him to subscribe to Empower and take control of his financial future. […]

  3. Driver Spotlight: David

    Driver Spotlight: David Meet David, a DC customer who has earned over $55,000 while driving using Empower. David prefers Empower because Empower allows drivers to be their own boss and earn the sustainable income drivers need to lead a happy life. For those who want to help Empower grow, David suggests referring friends to the […]

  4. Driver Spotlight: Teresa

    Driver Spotlight: Teresa Meet Teresa, a North Carolina driver who has been using Empower since June 2020.  One of Teresa’s favorite things about driving with Empower is the freedom it provides. She can drive when and where she wants, and is not restricted by the streaks that often dictate the earnings of drivers who work […]

  5. Driver Spotlight: Mohammad

    Driver Spotlight: Mohammad Meet Mohammad, a DC customer who values the freedom and flexibility that comes with being his own boss. Mohammad has been an Empower customer since October 2022, when he heard about us via a passenger on a rideshare app. Mohammad chooses to use Empower because he gets 100% of the fare, allowing […]

  6. Driver Spotlight: Tuka

    Driver Spotlight: Tuka Tuka has been a DC customer since August 2021. Originally a driver who used Empower’s Monthly Platinum plan, Tuka recently switched to Empower Flex as it better suits his driving needs. Below, Tuka talks about why he drives using Empower.   What do you like most about driving using Empower? My favorite […]