Driver Spotlights

  1. Driver Spotlight: Kurt

    Driver Spotlight: Kurt Meet Kurt, a North Carolina customer who has completed over 1,600 rides using Empower’s software. Kurt’s advice to fellow customers includes maintaining meticulous records with respect to your business and fostering open communication with both riders and Empower support. For Kurt, safety is paramount as he likes to ensure that he picks […]

  2. Driver Spotlight: Lohania

    Driver Spotlight: Lohania Lohania is a dedicated customer who is committed to promoting Empower to both drivers and riders.  Lohania encourages fellow drivers to give Empower a chance because drivers get 100% of the fare. “Using Empower has definitely helped me financially since I get 100% of the fare. With the earnings I make, I […]

  3. Driver Spotlight: Regina

    Driver Spotlight: Regina Introduced to Empower in late 2022, Regina’s journey began with a chance encounter with a fellow driver who informed her about Empower, where drivers get 100% of the fare. Regina quickly downloaded the app, and in her own words, “that is where it all began”.  “Empower has allowed me to make more […]

  4. Driver Spotlight: Urgessa

    Driver Spotlight: Urgessa Meet Urgessa, a happy Empower customer who has provided nearly 5,000 rides since signing up in October 2022. By driving using Empower, Urgessa has found a way to support his family while enjoying the freedom of being his own boss.   How does using Empower benefit you? I have three kids and […]

  5. Driver Spotlight: Mussie

    Driver Spotlight: Mussie Meet Mussie, a DC customer who has earned over $115,000 using Empower. Having provided over 7,000 rides, Mussie encourages fellow drivers to join the platform, emphasizing the opportunity for sustainable earnings, as drivers get 100% of the fare.  One of the things Mussie likes most about using Empower is the high quality […]

  6. Driver Spotlight: Simone

    Driver Spotlight: Simone Simone stands as a shining example of how embracing innovation, prioritizing passenger preferences, and seizing opportunities can lead to personal and financial success. As an Empower customer, Simone is not only earning more, but also benefiting from Empower’s same gender driver filter. Driving using Empower has been a financial game-changer for Simone.  […]