Driver Spotlight & Tips

  1. Driver Spotlight: Tuka

    Driver Spotlight: Tuka Tuka has been a DC customer since August 2021. Originally a driver who used Empower’s Monthly Platinum plan, Tuka recently switched to Empower Flex as it better suits his driving needs. Below, Tuka talks about why he drives using Empower.   What do you like most about driving using Empower? My favorite […]

  2. Driver Spotlight: Kumi

    Driver Spotlight: Kumi Kumi has referred over 150 new riders since providing her first ride last October. Kumi chooses to drive for herself using Empower because she makes more money than driving for Uber or Lyft. Kumi uses the extra money she earns to fund her dream of building her own Airbnb rental business. Read […]

  3. Driver Spotlight: Rick

    Driver Spotlight: Rick Rick has provided over 10,000 rides using Empower in the DC market since he first signed up in April 2021. Rick enjoys using Empower because he is 100% in control. Empower enables Rick to pay his bills, put food on the table for his family, and still send his three kids off […]

  4. Driver Spotlight: Derrick

    Driver Spotlight: Derrick Derrick has made over $75,000 driving for himself using Empower. Below, Derrick discusses how using Empower has enabled him to run and grow his own business and provided him with greater financial freedom.   Why do you use Empower? Using the Empower platform, I have complete freedom. I make the same income […]

  5. Driver Spotlight: Tiryn

    Driver Spotlight: Tiryn DC customer, Tiryn, has provided 2,000 rides using Empower, despite the fact that he is a part time driver. Eager to make the most of his Empower subscription and find the plan that best suits his needs, Tiryn has tested out all three of Empower’s DC subscription options: Monthly Platinum, Daily and […]

  6. Driver Spotlight: Donald

    Driver Spotlight: Donald   Donald has been an Empower customer in North Carolina since June 2021. In the past year he has referred over 50 riders and been liked by over 100. Always the entrepreneur, Donald created business cards advertising Empower and hands them out to every Uber and Lyft rider he encounters. Donald is […]