Driver Spotlight: Juan

Meet Juan, a North Carolina customer with 689 thumbs up and 0 thumbs down! Juan has been selected by over 100 of his customers as a favorite driver! Read below to learn more about Juan’s experience as an Empower customer.

What made you want to be an Empower customer? 
A friend told me there was a new service in town where drivers pay a small monthly subscription and get 100% of the fare. I was extremely dissatisfied with Uber and Lyft, so I figured I’d try a 30-day free trial. That was a year ago and since then, Empower has been my go-to platform.

What suggestions do you have for drivers who want to help Empower grow?
I would say keep in mind that a passenger’s first impression is the most important. Be genuine , thoughtful, courteous and reliable. Establish legitimate friendships whenever you can. Don’t be afraid to laugh and have a little fun with your passengers!

What are your daily professional goals that you set for yourself and your business?
I try to get added as at least one passenger’s ‘Favorite’ driver each day.

What do you think riders like most about Empower? 
From the feedback I’ve received, I think what they like most is the option of being able to select a favorite driver.

Anything else you would like to tell us?
Thank you Empower for coming to the Piedmont Triad area. Having Empower has been a game changer for drivers and riders.

What is the most enjoyable conversation that you’ve ever had with a rider?
That’s a good question! Most memorable drive was reminiscing about being a kid in the 80’s and having the best toys and cartoons. We also name dropped 90’s hip hop artists we grew up listening to.

Juan closed by saying, “Empower benefits my family because it allows me to make money every day, so I am now able to put money aside for unexpected expenses.”