Driver Spotlight: Lohania

Lohania is a dedicated customer who is committed to promoting Empower to both drivers and riders. 

Lohania encourages fellow drivers to give Empower a chance because drivers get 100% of the fare. “Using Empower has definitely helped me financially since I get 100% of the fare. With the earnings I make, I am able to get my rest, go to school, while still taking care of my finances.” 

Lohania also promotes the platform to riders. “If I am driving in an area where Empower is not as popular, I always refer riders from other platforms to book their rides through Empower. The referral bonuses that I get really add up.” To date, Lohania has earned nearly $150 for referring riders! When speaking with prospective riders, Lohania likes to touch on how much more drivers earn when using Empower. “I actually show them the difference between driving for other companies compared to driving for myself using Empower.”

In short, Lohania enthusiastically recommends Empower as a preferable option for both riders and drivers.