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  1. Driver App Tutorial- Subscription Plan Options

    This video explains Empower’s subscription plans. Check out the video here.

  2. Driver app tutorial videos, Stripe instant payout & more

    Driver app tutorial videos  Having trouble with onboarding? Looking to make the most out of your Empower subscription? We’ve got you covered! Explore our tutorial videos below. Subscription plan explanations  Changing your subscription plan Adjusting your rate card(s) Uploading your documents (Onboarding) Stripe instant payout Stripe instant payout works with most US banks accounts, as […]

  3. Increase in Stripe instant payout limit

    Happy New Year!  Increase in Stripe instant payout limit for Flex Plan We are excited to share that the Stripe instant payout limit for Empower Flex subscribers has been increased to $100 per day! As a reminder, all drivers using Empower can use Stripe’s instant payout feature to “instantly” transfer earnings from Stripe to their […]

  4. Happy Holidays from Empower!

    Happy Holidays! Team Empower wishes you and your loved ones a safe and happy holiday season and a happy 2024! Please note that 12/25/2023 and 01/01/2024 are bank holidays, so automated payouts from Stripe will be delayed by one day. If you need funds immediately, you can take advantage of Stripe’s Instant Payout feature, which […]

  5. Driver Spotlight: Kurt

    Driver Spotlight: Kurt Meet Kurt, a North Carolina customer who has completed over 1,600 rides using Empower’s software. Kurt’s advice to fellow customers includes maintaining meticulous records with respect to your business and fostering open communication with both riders and Empower support. For Kurt, safety is paramount as he likes to ensure that he picks […]

  6. Happy Holidays from Team Empower

    Happy Holidays! Team Empower wishes you and your loved ones a safe and happy holiday season! Remember that you can enjoy lower fares and support drivers by using Empower to book your rides this holiday season! Empower is available in DC, NYC, Greensboro, and Winston-Salem. Request favorite and same-gender drivers!  Riders have the ability to […]