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  1. Tech Announcer: Startup Savants Podcast With Joshua Sear of Empower

    Tech Announcer discusses Empower CEO’s recent podcast in this article. Read more here: Link to article

  2. Earn an extra $50+ per month without lifting a finger!

    Earn an extra $50+ per month: Want to support drivers and make an extra $50+ per month without lifting a finger? If you have your own vehicle, you can earn $50+ per month by placing car magnets advertising Empower on your vehicle. All you have to do is drive at least 10 miles per week with […]

  3. Bloomberg: Uber and Lyft Drivers’ Complaints Are a Startup Opportunity

    Check out Bloomberg’s recent article about how Empower and other ride booking platforms are taking on companies like Uber with the promise of treating drivers better. Link to article

  4. Disrupting the Rideshare Industry with Joshua Sear of Empower

    Check out Empower CEO Joshua Sear’s podcast with StartUp Savant about how Empower is disrupting the rideshare industry by providing hardworking drivers with the software and support they need to build, run and grow their own business. Empower believes that drivers have a right to work for themselves in pursuit of the American Dream and not have […]

  5. Drivers have earned over $30m using Empower!

    Drivers have earned over $30,000,000 using the Empower platform and provided nearly 2,000,000 rides to over 125,000 riders! Thousands of drivers are now able to support themselves and their families in a way that they never could before. Thank you to everyone who has continued to support Empower. TOGETHER WE WILL EMPOWER!

  6. Thank you for supporting local drivers

    Drivers have earned over $30,000,000! We are very excited to share that drivers have earned over $30,000,000 using the Empower platform. Thank you for helping drivers earn a sustainable living by booking your rides through Empower. Refer drivers to earn more ride credit: Earning ride credit by referring drivers is now easier than ever! Just follow the […]