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  1. Adjusting your rate card(s), driver spotlight, and more!

    Get 100% of the fare Suggested vs. Custom rate card(s) With Empower, drivers are in control and can adjust their own rates. While we offer all drivers a ‘Suggested rate card’ where you’ll earn 20% – 25% more on average than driver for Uber or Lyft, as a driver you have the freedom to adjust […]

  2. Driver Spotlight: Simone

    Driver Spotlight: Simone Simone stands as a shining example of how embracing innovation, prioritizing passenger preferences, and seizing opportunities can lead to personal and financial success. As an Empower customer, Simone is not only earning more, but also benefiting from Empower’s same gender driver filter. Driving using Empower has been a financial game-changer for Simone.  […]

  3. Driver Rate Card Tutorial Video Live!

    Check out our new tutorial video that covers how to adjust your rate card(s) by clicking here!

  4. Looking to make even more money?

    Share your promo code, boost your earnings You will get cash for every new rider who enters your promo code and books a ride through Empower. Just follow the steps below! If you would like to request marketing materials, please send an email to Open your Empower Driver app Tap ‘Refer a rider’ from the menu Tap ‘Refer a rider’ Share your code with other riders! Enhancing your […]

  5. Driver Spotlight: Moses

    Driver Spotlight: Moses As a user who has subscribed to both Empower’s Flex and Platinum subscription offerings, Moses prefers Empower because the software provides him with the tools he needs to earn a sustainable living. In addition to the multiple subscription offerings, Moses likes getting 100% of the fare because it enables him to save […]

  6. Have you checked out Empower’s FAQ page?

    Interested in alternative subscription plans? Visit to view your subscription details, change your subscription plan, and manage your account. Driver spotlight: Andre Having provided over 3,000 rides, Andre prefers Empower because he gets 100% of the fare. If you’re considering driving for yourself using Empower, Andre’s advice is clear: join the platform and experience the rewards of being part of […]