Driver Spotlight: Simone

Simone stands as a shining example of how embracing innovation, prioritizing passenger preferences, and seizing opportunities can lead to personal and financial success. As an Empower customer, Simone is not only earning more, but also benefiting from Empower’s same gender driver filter.

Driving using Empower has been a financial game-changer for Simone.  By choosing Empower, she’s found a platform that aligns with her values and offers her financial stability.  On top of earning 100% of the fare, Simone has also earned an additional $500 by referring drivers to the Empower platform. 

As a female driver, Simone frequently receives ride requests from female passengers who are requesting a female driver via Empower’s same gender driver feature. “My female passengers are consistently really happy about how they are able to request female drivers.” Empower’s same gender driver feature can add an extra layer of comfort and security to a passenger’s journey. In fact, many of her passengers often tell Simone that they will be referring their female friends and family to Empower, because of the feature and her great service. 

Simone’s advice to aspiring Empower customers is simple yet impactful: seize the opportunity. She emphasizes that Empower’s growth and earning potential are unparalleled, creating an environment conducive to success.




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