Driver Spotlight: Moses

As a user who has subscribed to both Empower’s Flex and Platinum subscription offerings, Moses prefers Empower because the software provides him with the tools he needs to earn a sustainable living. In addition to the multiple subscription offerings, Moses likes getting 100% of the fare because it enables him to save up for his dream of owning a home. 


How has using Empower helped you financially?

The increased earnings that I get using Empower has allowed me to not only pay my bills but also have additional money to add to my savings account and invest in the stock market.


What are your daily goals that you set for yourself while driving using Empower.

When it comes to financial goals, I strive to make a minimum of $250 each day. My overall goal with each ride is to make sure that my riders arrive at their destination on time, while also helping to make the ride a memorable and enjoyable experience, whether it’s a long or short trip. 


What is the most enjoyable conversation that you’ve ever had with a rider?

I’ve had great conversations with most of my riders! And one of the most enjoyable was when I found out one of my riders and I both shared the same birthday. We happened to also share similar traits, and ideas about life in general. That was a very exciting and memorable ride. Everyday that passes, I’m always amazed by how many connections, and great conversations can be had within a short time. I really love what I do. 


What advice would you give to other drivers thinking about driving for themselves using Empower?

Each rider and each trip is different, so it’s always good to be adaptable and flexible. Whether that means asking a rider which songs they would like to listen to, engaging them in conversation, or giving them space to enjoy the trip in silence. I personally set up different playlists every week with different genres of music, including Afrobeats, Country, R&B, Hip hop, etc. This is to help set up a good atmosphere for my riders. Always do what you can to provide excellent customer service and care to your riders.




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