Driver Spotlight: Kumi

Kumi has referred over 150 new riders since providing her first ride last October. Kumi chooses to drive for herself using Empower because she makes more money than driving for Uber or Lyft. Kumi uses the extra money she earns to fund her dream of building her own Airbnb rental business. Read below to learn more about why Kumi refers so many riders.


How did you hear about Empower?

I began researching rideshare on YouTube and Empower was mentioned as a great alternative to other platforms. I didn’t look into it much until I picked up a passenger who said she was a driver, and I got her referral code. 


As a driver with over 150 rider referrals, how are you able to refer so many riders?

I look at this as my opportunity to build a client base near my preferred driving areas and also help build the brand at the same time. Every referral is extra earnings potential with zero effort other than conversation. I always let riders know that there will rarely be the crazy high surges they experience on Uber or Lyft, and that they will usually save money.


What are your hopes for the future of Empower?

I want Empower to be a household name that gives the competitors a run for their money. As a driver for Uber and Lyft, we don’t get paid enough to truly earn a decent living unless you’re extremely selective and most don’t have that luxury. We’re taken advantage of to pay high salaries and high overhead. With Empower, I get 100% of the fare!


What suggestions do you have for drivers who want to help Empower grow?

Each passenger is your personal client. Please treat them that way. If we make them feel important and appreciated, then they are more likely to request rides from us again. 


Do you support a family? If so, how does using Empower benefit them? 

I’m married with no kids and a dream of opening more Airbinb’s. By driving for myself using Empower, I am able to pay off my first Airbnb loan at least one year quicker.


What is your favorite thing about driving using Empower?

I love the opportunity to build my customer base using the favorite driver feature as well as provide a great service and I make more money. 


Anything else you would like to tell us?

I am so thankful for this opportunity! Out of all the cities in the country and as a brand new driver I got lucky enough to be in the one that started it all!!