Drivers running their own businesses have provided over 4.5M rides using Empower! 

Thank you for helping drivers earn a sustainable living by booking your rides through Empower.

Book rides faster using “Saved Places”

Save yourself the time and hassle of having to type in the same address again and again, instead just add it to your list of saved places. The next time you are ready to book a ride through Empower, entering your destination will be just one tap away.

You can add saved locations in the app by opening the menu and selecting “Saved Places”. To add a location, select the plus button in the top right hand corner of the screen, enter the location details, and press save!

Refer friends and drivers to earn more ride credit!

Did you know that you get ride credit for referring new riders and drivers to the Empower platform using your promo code? Open the Empower rider app and select “Refer a friend” or “Refer a driver” to find your promo code. Share your promo code on social media, or send to friends and family via text or chat!

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Request favorite and same-gender drivers!

You can request favorite or same-gender drivers by toggling on the “favorite” or “same-gender” filters on the ride request screen.

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