Empower CEO Statement on Uber/Lyft Rejecting
Agreement on Driver Pay Legislation

Washington, D.C. – Empower CEO Joshua Sear released the following statement following news that Uber and Lyft oppose an agreement on legislation related to driver pay:

“While we continue to believe Uber and Lyft are bluffing, should they actually make good on their threat to leave, Empower will immediately provide the software and support services needed to ensure that drivers themselves are able to provide every ride in Minnesota that would otherwise be provided by Uber or Lyft.

“Empower is in active conversations with city and state elected officials, and regardless of Uber and Lyft’s decision, we will continue to work with elected officials and other stakeholders to ensure that drivers in the Twin Cities, like all other service professionals in Minnesota, have the right to work for themselves and determine their own worth.”

Empower CEO Joshua Sear is available for recorded or live interviews by contacting PR@rideempower.com 

About Empower

Empower is disrupting companies like Uber and Lyft with an innovative model: drivers set their own rates, keep 100% of the fare and pay the company a subscription fee. With Empower, drivers are neither employees nor contractors; they’re customers. Under this model, drivers are making thousands of dollars more per month than they did with Uber or Lyft, which only pay them about 50-60% of what Uber and Lyft’s customers pay the companies. In addition to making more money, drivers using Empower are truly their own boss and are provided with the software and support services they need to build and run their own businesses.

Riders who book rides through Empower benefit as well. Because drivers get 100% of the fare, they charge riders 15-20% less, on average, than Uber and Lyft charge them. Riders can also request a same-gender or favorite driver, which many riders have said provides them with a greater sense of safety.

Empower is currently available in the Washington D.C., New York City, and Winston Salem / Greensboro metro areas. To learn more about Empower visit www.driveempower.com 

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