North Carolina customers,

We’re excited to share that our new subscription options, Empower Monthly Platinum, Empower Monthly Flex and Empower Daily, are now available for NC drivers. As a result of these new options, at the end of your current subscription period, you will be prompted to reselect a subscription plan. If you wish to change your plan prior to the end of your current period, you can do so online through your My Driver Account.

If you missed our prior email announcing these plans, you can read more below to learn about each subscription option so that you can choose which plan is best for you.

Empower PT Monthly Platinum (recommended for drivers earning $500+ per month):
If you’re a full-time, or near full-time driver the Empower Monthly PT Platinum plan is a great choice. Empower PT Monthly Platinum provides drivers with unlimited access to Empower’s software and support services and includes the following Platinum benefits:

  • Higher Instant Payout limits

  • $150 car mess reimbursement

  • Dedicated Platinum Team support

  • VIP access to all Empower virtual and in-person events

  • Additional Platinum Member benefits being developed

Empower PT Monthly Flex (recommended for drivers earning up to $500 per month):
For part-time drivers, as well as full-time drivers looking for greater payment flexibility, Empower PT Monthly Flex is a great option. With Empower PT Monthly Flex, a driver’s subscription fee is tiered on usage, with subscription payments made in $50 installments, instead of all upfront. Below, please find detailed pricing for the Empower PTMonthly Flex plan.

  • $49.99 total for earnings up to $250.00 (Uber would take ~$100.00)

  • $99.99 total for earnings up to $500.00 (Uber would take ~$200.00)

  • $149.99 total for unlimited earnings (If you earned $2,000.00, Uber would take ~$800.00)

Empower PT Daily:
Empower PT Daily provides drivers with unlimited access to Empower’s software and services for 24 hours. Empower PT Daily is priced at $7.99 per day.

We’re super excited about these changes and hope that you are as well. If you have any questions please reach out to support at

Thank you so much for being awesome customers and giving us the opportunity to serve you!

Team Empower