See how much Uber is taking from each ride

Did you know that you can view how much Uber is taking from every ride that you complete? Screenshot a ride and email it to, and you will be automatically entered to win $100 in subscription credit! The first 10 drivers will also get a $10 gift card. To see how much Uber is taking from you, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Tap on a recently completed trip
  3.  Tap ‘More Details’
  4. Scroll down to the ‘Uber Service Fee Summary’ section
  5. Take a screenshot and send it to

Get cash for every rider you refer

You will get cash for every new rider who enters your promo code and books a ride through Empower. Just follow the steps below! If you would like to request marketing materials, please send an email to

  1. Open your Empower Driver app

  2. Tap ‘Refer a rider’ from the menu

  3. Tap ‘Refer a rider’

  4. Share your code with other riders!

Driver safety

Fast Company recently reported that more than two-thirds of rideshare drivers have been threatened, harassed, or assaulted while on the job. Empower takes a strong stance against any type of violent or threatening incidents. Drivers should never have to fear reporting an unsafe passenger or cancelling a ride when they feel unsafe. At Empower, drivers are our customers. Drivers aren’t penalized for not accepting or cancelling a ride when they’re concerned about their safety.

Driver spotlight: Teresa

Meet Teresa, a North Carolina driver who has been using Empower since June 2020.  One of Teresa’s favorite things about driving with Empower is the freedom it provides. She can drive when and where she wants, and is not restricted by the streaks that often dictate the earnings of drivers who work for Uber or Lyft. To help Empower grow, Teresa suggests sharing your referral code on social media, marketing to other drivers in areas where they gather waiting for rides, and encouraging riders to refer their friends or drivers to Empower. Read more to learn why Teresa enjoys being her own boss and using Empower here.

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