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Transforming Rideshare

With Empower, drivers set their own rates and get 100% of the fare, and riders can get more affordable rides from drivers they trust. By decentralizing rideshare, drivers earn more, and riders pay less and can feel safer requesting a favorite or a same gender driver.

Empower is revolutionizing mobility. Not by providing transportation, but by putting transportation decisions back into the hands of drivers and riders, where they belong.

At Empower, we believe that everyone has a voice and we are listening. TOGETHER WE CAN EMPOWER!






Driver Earnings

Better for Drivers

At Empower, we treat drivers like customers, because they are. Drivers set their own rates and get 100% of the fare. Empower takes ZERO commission. Drivers have access to their own dedicated local customer support team and are provided with the information and tools they need to take control of their financial future.

Better for Riders

Riders using Empower pay 20% less on average compared to Uber or Lyft. Riders also can request a driver they feel safe with by limiting ride requests to favorite or same gender drivers.

Get $10+in free rides when you sign up!

What People Have to Say

  • December 21 "I love that I can order a ride with one of my favorite drivers! Every ride is now a great experience!" -Andrea
  • December 14 I enjoy the fact that the drivers keep 100% of the fare. I have been using Empower more often since moving to the DMV area and I will continue to do so." -Leah
  • December 12 "I absolutely love Empower and love that I have the option to choose a female driver!" -Elizabeth
  • November 18 "Empower allows me the freedom to set my own schedule. I make more money while working fewer hours. I love that drivers keep 100% of the fares." -Teresa
  • November 18 "With Empower I make more money. Empower respects me as a costumer." -Fatimatou
  • November 17 "Empower enables me to keep all of my money while only paying a small subscription fee. Empower is by far the best. I love Empower!" -Judith

Earn More! Save More!

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