Driver FAQ’s

Q:  What is Empower?

A:  Empower is a peer-to-peer alternative to Uber/Lyft, where drivers set their own rates, keep 100% of the fare, and are paid directly in-app by riders. In exchange, drivers pay Empower a flat monthly subscription fee, which is significantly less than the amount that Uber/Lyft are taking from drivers in taking over 35% of the fare on average from each ride

Q:  Where is Empower available now?

A:  Empower is currently available in Winston-Salem / Greensboro, North Carolina and in Washington D.C.

Q:  When will Empower be available in my city?

A:  Send an email to and let us know where you’d like us to launch next! 

Q:  What can I do to help Empower launch in my city sooner?

A:  Have drivers in your area download the Driver App using this link and have them begin to create their account. 

Q:  How much does Empower cost?

A:  The first month is free!  After that, if you indicate that you want to continue to receive ride requests, we’ll charge $10/month.  Ultimately, as the company enables drivers to make more money by providing more ride requests, we will increase the subscription price; however, we’ll never increase the price without your approval and we’ll always charge significantly less than what Uber and Lyft take through their high commissions on each and every ride.  At the end of the day, if you’re not making more money using Empower, you’re not going to pay for the subscription, so we have to charge an amount that makes sense for drivers, because you are our customers.

Q:  What if I want to pause or cancel my subscription?

A:  You can pause or cancel your subscription anytime effective at the beginning of the next month.

Q:  How do I get paid?

A:  The rider’s fare is transferred directly in-app from their credit card to your account.  Rider fares never touch Empower’s bank account!

Q:  How do I know how much I should set my rate card at?

A:  Empower provides all drivers with a suggested rate card; however, you control your rate card.  The suggested rate typically is set so that riders save about 10% - 15% and drivers make about 20% - 25% more than with Uber/Lyft.

Q: What is the Dollar sign in the top left corner of the main screen?

A: If you notice a surge on Uber or Lyft, you can report the surge on Empower and it will automatically increase your rates to coordinate with the surge.

Q:  I know a lot of drivers.  Do you have a referral program?

A:  Yes we have a Driver Rewards Program that includes referral bonuses for referring other drivers (as well as riders).  You can Refer-a-Driver in-app by tapping the Refer-a-Driver button in the menu.  For each driver you refer, you’ll receive $10.  (For each rider you refer you’ll receive $5.)

Q:  How can I encourage Uber and Lyft riders to use Empower?  Do you have any rider referral program?  Can I get any marketing materials?

Yes.  For each rider you refer you’ll receive $5.

Q:  Can riders rate drivers?

A:  We know the rating system for Uber/Lyft can create problems.  We think we’ve fixed this by having riders simply give a “Thumbs Up” or “Thumbs Down” (or no rating) at the end of the ride.  We think this avoids a rider giving a driver a 4 and thinking that’s a good rating when in fact that’s a bad rating on Uber/Lyft.  And unlike Uber/Lyft, where you can’t get a human being on the phone, we have 24/7 driver support staffed by folks in the area who are ready to assist drivers at all times.  In fact, right now, our DC GM, Gabrielle, has all escalated customer support calls forwarded to her cell phone!  

Drivers are our customers and we want to make sure that you’re heard and that you love driving using Empower.  Riders can also favorite a driver and then request that they only be matched with their favorite drivers.  If you have a lot of riders that have favorited you, we’ll likely suggest you increase your rate card a bit as riders are typically willing to pay a bit more for their favorite drivers.

Q:  Does Empower charge riders a cancellation fee?

A:  If a rider cancels more than 3 minutes after you accepted their ride request, Empower will charge a rider a $2 cancellation fee, on your behalf.  If the rider cancels more than 6 minutes after you accepted, the rider will be charged $4.  Also, if you arrive and wait for the rider for 5 minutes and the rider does not show up, you’ll receive a $4 “no-show” fee.